Taggiasca Olives EVOO

The Taggiasca olives very small, but its small size contains an “enormous” taste that satisfies every palate. Raineri selects for you the largest, firm olives that are removed from the stone and placed in extra virgin olive oil. 

In this way he creates a quality product, loved by young and old alike: the pitted Taggiasca olives. Ideal for aperitifs or as an ingredient in the preparation of sauces and gravies.

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Taggiasca Olives EVOO


The precious raw materials are expertly processed in the mills controlled by the company, through a careful and certified process. Perfect in aperitifs and as an accompaniment to both meat and fish dishes.
Warning! Any formation of a white patina on the surface of the olives absolutely does not affect the quality of the product but testifies to its naturalness. A simple wash in fresh water restores the optimal aesthetic appearance.


Product details


Pitted Taggiasca Olives in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Net weight                  180gr
Drained weight           120gr
Ingredients                  Pitted Taggiasca olives, 66%, extra virgin olive oil 33%, salt, acidity regulator: citric acid


The most important nutritional characteristics

– Organic product
– Gluten free
– Without dyes
– GMO free


The average nutritional values ​​per 100gr of product

Energy: 197 Kcal / 809 Kj;
Fat: 19.5 g;
of which saturates: 2.8 g;
Carbohydrates: 1.2 g;
of which sugars: 1.0 g;
Fiber: 2.5 g;
Proteins: 1.7 g;
Salt: 3.8 g.


Method of conservation

Keep in a cold and dry place. After opening, place the jar in the refrigerator with the product covered with a film of oil.

Additional information

Weight180 g


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