Pesto alla Genovese

The pesto alla genovese brings back to the kitchen the taste and practicality of a ready-made sauce, but as good as the homemade one. To rediscover all the aroma and flavor of basil at any time of the year.

Perfect with any pasta or to be enriched with smoked bacon, for a tasty and quick alternative to prepare.

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Pesto alla Genovese


The first recipe of Genoese pesto dates back to the nineteenth century, although it certainly owes more ancient pounded sauces such as agagliata (Ligurian version of the classic agagliata), based on garlic and walnuts, widespread in Liguria during the Genoese maritime republic, and the French pistou.
In most of the La Spezia and Genoese area, advanced cheese crusts were used, because they were economically cheaper, and potatoes were added as they were less expensive than pasta.


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Green Pesto alla Genovese 

Net weight             185gr
Ingredients            Basil 36%, sunflower oil 27%, water, Grana Padano DOP (contains milk and egg lysozyme) 5%, cashews,
                              Pecorino Romano DOP (contains milk), sugar, vegetable fibers, pine nuts, garlic, salt, acidifier: glucone-δ-lactone.
May Contain          Manufactured in a facility that processes dairy products, soy, nuts, fish and shellfish and milk.


May Contain         Manufactured in a facility that processes dairy products, soy, nuts, fish and shellfish and milk.


The most important nutritional characteristics

– Gluten free
– Without dyes
– GMO free


The average nutritional values ​​per 100gr of product

Energy: 365 Kcal / 1527 Kj; 
Fat: 35.0 g; 
of which saturates: 4.7 g; 
Carbohydrates: 6.5 g; 
of which sugars: 4.7 g; 
Proteins: 5.1 g;
Salt: 0.0 g.


Method of conservation

Store at room temperature in a dry place. When opened, if not used completely, store at refrigeration temperature 3/4 ° C. Consume within 3 days.

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Weight185 g


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