Egg Pappardelle Box

“Love magnetism” is the da between feeling and its connection with food will surprise you. The ancient Egyptians believed that wild mushrooms were the “sons of the Gods”, sent to earth through lightning and for this reason only the Pharaohs were allowed to eat them.


Egg Pappardelle Box



An easy and quick first course to prepare is Egg Pappardelle pasta with tomato and dried mushrooms, ideal when you have an empty fridge but don’t want to give up a tasty first course. This is an excellent recipe even when you have little desire to cook but maybe there are unexpected guests: these are all circumstances in which it will certainly come in handy!


Products included

1 x 500 gr Egg Pappardelle

1 x 750 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 x 440 gr Organic Tomato Peeled

1 x 100 gr Spicy Chopped Chilli

1 x 50 gr Dry Porcini Mushrooms

1 Gift Box Decorative Basket

1 Printed copy of Recipe



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