Pizza Marinara Box

It is said that a pizza chef from the port of Naples, tired of the complaints of the sailors who ordered him to season it (“Nsapuroleva nu pocu”), decided to add something that did not affect the price but would improve its flavor. So it was “sea ham” anchovies and that fresh garlic, cut into small pieces, made its appearance. Not a fish-based pizza, but in fact dedicated to the poor lunches of the pride Neapolitan sailors.


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Pizza Marinara Box



One of the pizzas of the Italian pizzaiola tradition, one of the most popular, imitated and baked, in Italy and abroad. The marinara pizza is a very light pizza: topped with tomato sauce, oil, garlic and oregano. It is one of the easiest ways to make pizza!


Products included

1 x 750 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 x 440 gr Organic Tomato Cubes

1 x 1 kilo Organic Flour “00”

1 x 80 gr Anchovies Fillets in glass Jar

1 x 50 gr Dried Oregano Brunch

1 Gift Box Decorative Basket

1 Printed copy of Recipe



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