Tuna Linguine Box

Simple and quick, cold pasta with tuna and lemon is a dish appreciated even by the youngest, because it is easy and unconventional.


Tuna Linguine Box



Cold pasta with tuna and lemon is a summer Mediterranean dish, to be eaten at room temperature or even slightly refreshed. The origin is probably from the Amalfi coast, where lemon is part of the recipes of various first courses and a typical sauce for pasta based on lemon alone is also handed down.


Products included

1 x 500 gr Linguine

1 x 750 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 x 200 gr Tuna Fillets Jar

1 x 360 gr Giant Chickpeas

1x 100 gr Spicy Chopped Chilli

1 x 80 gr Anchovies Fillets Jar

1 Gift Box Decorative Basket

1 Printed copy of Recipe




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