How we make it


Lemon harvesting in Sorrento is an art passed down from generation to generation. Using only traditional techniques, we respectfully gather these precious fruits. Our lemons thrive in the light and healthy air of the Gulf of Naples, nourished by the fertile soil and ideal climate.

Limoncello production in Sorrento is another tradition we carry on with passion and care. Only the best lemons from our harvest are used, and we follow an ancient method of infusing the zest in pure alcohol and sugar to create this characteristic liqueur. The end result is a creamy and delicate limoncello with a fresh and intense flavor that evokes the sunsets and waves of the Gulf of Naples.

The harvesting and production of lemons and limoncello in Sorrento are integral parts of our culture and history. We pass this legacy down from generation to generation, proudly and with a constant commitment to preserve and showcase these traditions. Our limoncello is not just a product, but a testament to the beauty and history of our land.

This is our natural and authentic method for harvesting lemons and producing limoncello in Sorrento, an art we carry out with respect and dedication. We are proud to share this treasure with the world and let you taste a piece of our history in every glass.